Payroll Outsourcing

JobHouse will relieve you from tedious organisational outlays that typify payroll computation

Our dedicated payroll service supports all outsourced payroll needs with discretion, confidentiality and proficiency. We go a great extent to ensure that our clients and employees are compliant with tax- and payroll-related legislation, and offer a comprehensive payroll service for our clients’ monthly cycles.

We help you save time on payroll processing. We also reduce your payroll costs and financial risks that can result in tax penalties arising from inaccurate tax filings. Above all, we save you the hassle of dealing directly with the statutory bodies.

Our use of an in-house Payroll and HR management system provides an enthralling solution for medium to large-scale organisations who do not have a fully functional HR and Accounts department. It is also ideal for those that are in the country for a short term projects.

Service Guarantee: Our payroll management guarantees you of the following;

  • Timely Payment of Statutory Returns: With the help of our payroll management system, statutory deductions such as PAYE and Social Security are worked out in accordance with the regulations. This ensures that the returns we pay on behalf of our clients are timely and accurate.
  • Salary Matters: Work to ensure that all salary issues are well within stipulated relevant laws. We also address all employee grievances concerning payment of salaries and make sure we arrive at an amicable settlement.
  • Confidentiality of Salaries: We have a system that ensures that the confidentiality of payroll information on your staff is maintained all the time.
  • Payroll Management System: Our Payroll Management System is able to handle all payrolls for all clients and is fully compliant with Tax and Pension regulations. It also takes care of all important details of each employee.
  • Provision of Pay-slips: Our pay-slips can be customized to suit the needs of our client. These pay-slips can be forwarded by e-mail or in hardcopy depending on the request from the client and/or employees.
  • Inter- Bank Transactions: We have an online salary payment system with our banks that allows us to pay salaries directly into employee’s bank accounts. This ensures that our staff are paid promptly irrespective of which bank our staff has their account.

Payroll Outsourcing Procedure