At JobHouse Ghana, we assist organisations develop their human resource by placing value on Training and Development (T & D). This includes determining the organizations human resource needs, recruitment, selection, training and and development among others.

Our T & D services are tailor made to suit the organisation’s needs and goals, and are run by very skilled and experienced facilitators. It increases the participant’s skills set, and also helps the organisation realise their goals.

Some of T & D methods are: Lectures and workshops, Web-Based Training, Simulation Exercises (case study, role play), Individual Exercises / Group Tutorials, Coaching/Mentoring among others.

Benefits of JobHouse’s Corporate T & D are:

  • We offer value for money Training and Development services, tailor-made to address your organisational and staff needs.
  • Skills Development and Increased productivity resulting in an increased financial gain
  • Reduction in learning time and less supervision
  • Uncover employee potential and creating a talent pool of cross-trained employees
  • Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Builds team spirit and corporate culture and enhances the company image

Below is our general approach for T & D:

+1. Needs Analyses

  • Identification of organization’s objectives.
  • Review the existing skills set of staff.
  • Assess the existing performance-related concern.
  • Identify and define training needs to determine target audience and course content.
  • Define learning requirements, set objectives and style.

+2. Program Planning

  • Determine training outcomes and objectives by prescribing “who, what and how” in observable and measurable terms.
  • Determine training techniques.
  • Define mode of delivery and style of delivery.
  • Find suitable facilities at a favourable location.
  • Decide who provides the training.
  • Develop good content for the training course so it addresses the identified performance concerns of the participants.
  • Set an acceptable budget.

+3. Implementation

  • Deliver the course using experienced quality Trainers.
  • Prepare and submit to client a course report.
  • Providing follow-up technical assistance and support.

+4. Evaluation

  •  Measuring Effectiveness by conducting post-training reviews with participants and supervisors.
  • Amend and extend training as necessary.

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