Update on Theft Incident: Uber Drivers


Esau, one of our drivers with car number GW 4117-18 was scammed last week Saturday, June 30, 2018 at Ashaiman Timber Market around 5:30 pm.


According to the driver, he had an offline request from a gentleman he met at Bawaleshie. The man was standing beside a trailer, which was packed by the roadside. He told our driver that he was going somewhere with his boss but their car is spoilt and needs to buy some stuffs at Tema to repair their broken down car.  He then asked the driver if he could do some rounds with him. The driver accepted it and charged him for that.

They went to a shop in Tema and proceeded to another shop at Ashaiman Timber market, which the guy went into the shop and later came back and told the driver that the money on him was not enough so he would need GHC 300 top-up.

He then asked the driver to give him his phone to call his boss because his phone is dead. The gentleman called his supposed boss with the driver’s phone and asked the driver to speak to his “boss” who confirmed the story and asked the driver to kindly give him GHC 300 to to-up so he can be able to procure the things at the shop which would be added to the charging fee when they get to Bawaleshie – East Legon or better still he can just send him mobile money if he has mobile money account.

The driver gave him his mobile money number but the man told him to hold on for him to go and buy the things and come.

This gentleman entered the shop with the drivers’ phone and the money and he never got back from the shop. After some few minutes, the driver got down from his car and went inside the shop to check on the gentleman but he was nowhere to be found. He inquired from those in the shop if they’ve seen the guy there but they said the guy just passed through and did not buy anything since there’s another road at the back of the shop. He thus bolted away with the money and drivers’ phone. Also wasting his fuel and time.


Going forward, ALL DRIVERS are advised to be very careful to prevent such occurrences. When a group of persons or someone wants to request you for a trip or whatever reasons, be very sure that they are not scammers. Again, Drivers’ should NEVER give their phones and personal money to passengers as a top-up or whatever. Don’t entertain such things.


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