Proposed Daily/Week Rates Revision


Dear Fleet Partners,

It has come to our attention that some significant changes have taken place around Uber service. Two major ones are 12-hour driving limit per day and GHC400 weekly sales by drivers.

New 12-Hour Driving Limit Per Day for Drivers

Our understanding is that, with this new policy, each driver will be compelled to take a mandatory 10-hour rest after driving Uber for 12 hours in one day. Currently, our top performing drivers do 12 to 18 hours per day. On days that “market is good”, we encourage them to do extra hours so they can do less hours on days “market is bad”.

With this new policy from Uber, our drivers will not be achieve their weekly targets since on profitable days like Saturday and Sunday, they can’t work more than 12 hours.


General Reduction in Weekly Rates by Uber Drivers from GHC500 to GHC400 Per Week

Almost all Uber drivers who deal directly with car owners are now paying GHC400 per week. Meanwhile, JobHouse currently pays Partners between 400-540 per week depending on type of car and type of maintenance agreement with Partner.

With the current demands from Uber drivers, it is becoming untenable for JobHouse to ask our drivers to make weekly sales of GHC600-GHC630 per week.

Let’s remember that JobHouse continues to do oil change every 3-4 weeks. Oil change is now GHC120 at Shell service stations. We also continue to fix minor issues on the cars regularly.

Closely related this is the latest fuel price increases. All these have reduced our margins drastically.

Meanwhile, Uber rates have not increased despite all these changes.




Regular Contract – Where JobHouse undertakes oil change and minor maintenance.

Home Used Cars
GHC420 per week or GHC70 per day

Brand New Cars – Suzuki Alto
GHC450 per week or GHC75 per day

Brand New Cars – Hyundai Eon
GHC480 per week or GHC80 per day


Special Contract – Where Partner bears all maintenance costs including oil change.

Suzuki Alto
GHC480 per week or GHC80 per day

Hyundai Eon
GHC510 per week or GHC85 per day


What this Means for Partners (Car Owners)

These rates are not effective until agreement is reached, in accordance with respective contracts with each Partner. We expect negotiations to conclude within 2 weeks and new rates take effect from 1st August 2018. Partners who are not willing to negotiate or continue with us should please let us know early enough so we could take steps to come to an amicable conclusion.



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