Are you an Uber Driver in Ghana? Do you drive in Accra or Kumasi? Are you recently out of driving Uber and want a different partner? Or you are currently driving with a different partner but want to switch?

JobHouse Fleet Services is the #1 Uber Partner loved by drivers in Accra and Kumasi. Come a drive with us for flexible terms and empowerment to make more for yourself.

Work and Pay for Uber Drivers 

We also have Work and Pay options. Do you want to rather signup for a Work and Pay option. Starting from January 2018, we are registering over 80 cars for work and pay.

Fill your details below and let’s start working together!

Are you an Uber Fleet Partner (Car Owner)? Are you looking for drivers in your area to recruit? Looking for “Uber drivers near me”? Or you are looking for a company that will manage your car on Uber for you?

JobHouse Fleet Services is your number one partner for Uber Car Management Services in Ghana.

Bring your car to us and have your peace of mind! We give you consistent weekly payments instead of excuses!

Why don’t you get in touch today? Visit our dedicated Uber Car Management page or reach us via the details below:

JobHouse Fleet Services 
Mob055 445 4916 / 054 070 8150
Email: info@jobhouse.com.gh