Matiz is NOT Good for Uber in Ghana – Don’t Buy Matiz


Whether Daewoo Matiz or Chevrolet Matiz; if it is called Matiz, do not try to use for Uber in Ghana. The following is a true account of our experience with Matiz on Uber since January 2017 at JobHouse Fleet Services.

Our conclusion is that, though Matiz is highly economical in terms of fuel for Uber, the bad nature of our roads in Ghana and unreliable spare parts make it extremely difficult for profitability in the long run if Matiz is used for Uber.

5 Reasons Matiz is Not Good for Uber in Ghana

1. Bad Nature of Roads in Ghana (Even in Accra and Kumasi)

Matiz is generally a very small car and extremely light in weight. The numerous portholes on our roads make it difficult for Matiz to thrive. Closely related to the portholes is inadequate street lights. These factors cause the cars to break down a lot especially in the night.

2. Matiz is Extremely Light in Weight

That Matiz is a bit too light in terms of weight is self evident. The selling point of this car is it’s excellent fuel economy. Weight also affects the fuel economy of cars. And we believe this aspect has been pushed a bit too much.

Because the car is extremely light, the robust nature of Uber usage poses a lot of problems for it. The shock absorbers (both back and front) break down more frequently. The general suspension of the car becomes weak once it’s used in Ghana for 6 to 12 months.

3. Unreliable Spare Parts for Matiz

Most of the Matiz in Ghana (as at 2017/2018) are either Matiz I, Matiz II or Matiz III. For Matiz I and Matiz II, there are spare parts. But for Matiz III, it is more difficult to get reliable parts. You could spend days looking for just plug wire. All these often lead to long turn-around time, causing a dent in your profit levels.

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4. Matiz Breaks Down More Frequently

Considering the extremely light nature of the car and the poor state of roads in Ghana, a real catalyst for breakdowns exists for Matiz. And when Matiz start breaking down, all hell will break lose. There will be no hiding place, no reprieve, no peace of mind, no nothing! More break-downs will follow until the car owner gives up. The air-condition system will fail from various points at different times. The gear box seal and gear box pump could fail many times. Engine seat (engine mount) will weaken more frequently. The list is endless.

5. Uber Riders Don’t Like Matiz

At the other end of the Uber chain is Rider Partners (passengers). According to multiple WhatsApp platforms, Uber riders in Ghana don’t like to board Matiz. Some go to all kinds of extents to cancel the requests any time their request turn out to be a Matiz. In addition, some passengers arrange with Uber drivers to drive them on scheduled dates or on long rides. But drivers who use Matiz don’t get these kinds of “lucrative” deals. On the whole, a driver with Matiz will likely make less money. On the other hand, the expenses on the repairs side are far more.


Ride sharing system have come to stay. Uber could one day leave and Taxify and others might one day disappear but Ride Sharing has come to stay. In this ride sharing chain, some will be drivers, others will be car owners and still others will play various roles. Competition will only get keener. For car owners, the kind of car you start this business with can define whether you make it or not. But that’s not all, it’s a competition with other car owners. Choose your car for Uber wisely.


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