Rules & Guidelines for Job Posting on JobHouse Jobs Portal

Job Posting Terms and Conditions (Guidelines)

In order to successfully get your job listing displayed on our website, you MUST take note of the following guidelines, rules, terms and conditions. Failure to comply will mean that your job listing/submission on our website will not be displayed.

Please note that all jobs submitted are manually reviewed by our staff before approval or rejection.

Job postings found to be in violation of any of the guidelines may be removed or suspended without warning and the poster will be notified. Interpretation of the rules is at the sole discretion of JobHouse. These rules may be changed at any time without warning or notification. JobHouse reserves the right to suspend the account of any individual basis for any reason.

General Guidelines / Rules for Job Posting on JobHouse Jobs Portal:

  1. Post only real jobs, with proper Job Titles. No FAKE jobs will ever get approved.
  2. Multiple Positions – If you have a number of positions, do not post them as one job. Rather, post each position as one job with specific job description for each.
  3. All information contained in postings must be clear and accurate, not misleading in any way, and contain sufficient detail. Postings which require the user to “email for more details” are not allowed on our website.
  4. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) jobs are not allowed on our website.
  5. No work Abroad jobs are allowed on our website.
  6. Use only professional language in your postings and do not post jobs that contain inappropriate or offensive language or material.
  7. Identify yourself as an agency in your ad, if you’re one.
  8. Do not post jobs for any competitor of JobHouse or provide links to any other jobs website.
  9. Do not post training courses and fairs disguised as jobs. They are not jobs.
  10. Do not post jobs that contain hyperlinks, website addresses, email addresses, phone numbers or physical addresses except in the areas allotted for such information.
  11. No Payment Before Job – Do not post any jobs that require upfront or periodic payment, promote work-at-home or home-based vacancies, or promote any get-rich-quick schemes.
  12. No Work at Home Jobs are accepted on our website.
  13. Do not submit the same job as another job while the old job is still active.
  14. Multiple “FREE” Accounts – no user is allowed to use different usernames of email addresses to create multiple user accounts to submit more jobs than allowed per FREE account per period. That is abuse. If you want to submit more jobs than allowed under free package, you should purchase one of the paid packages.

Specific Guidelines / Rules for Job Posting:

Job Title
The job title is a brief description of a job. The title of the job posting may be the job title or it may include additional information like the company name and location e.g. Managing Director, Brand & Consumer Marketing – Kumasi, or New Business Development – Vodafone.

Job Description
You may include a lengthy description of the job, or a briefer synopsis of what the position entails. Whatever the case, your job description on our website must be at least two paragraphs or 70 words.

Job Requirements
Job requirements are the qualifications that are considered as essential to satisfactory performance in the job by the employer.

Experience Requirements
Experience requirements may include the specific skills required for the job and/or the years of experience on the job.

Education Requirements
You should list the educational requirements for a job in job postings and in job descriptions. E.g. Certificate, Diploma, HND, Degree, Master’s Degree etc. If the position requires professional certifications, please include such information under this section.

How to Apply for the Job
If you have some specific instructions on how applicants should apply for the job, include that instruction at the end of the job description.