Leveraging Confidence for Your Job Search

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Understand that confidence is key…

We all feel we have shortcomings and areas in which we can improve, there’s no doubt about that. However, it is what we do with that knowledge that prepares us for success or failure. Leveraging our confidence is key – especially in a job search where competition is fierce and every detail counts to set you apart from the rest.

Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses:

Make a list of 10 good qualities you feel you have and a list of 10 things that you may need to work on. This act of self-understanding will really help separate you from the “I’m the Best” mentality most people feel they need to bring into an interview and make you realize you’re human too.

Potential employers will find a candidate who’s honest about their weaknesses and willing to grow from them to be a better fit.

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Give Yourself a Break Every Now and Then

Finding a job can be a daunting (and long) task so don’t feel guilty when you have the opportunity to get out and enjoy yourself for a bit.

Taking the time to go out to lunch or have coffee with a friend will give you a much needed mental break and lower the chances of stress getting the better of you.

Practice in the Mirror:

Interviewing is almost like auditioning for a role in a play. You must rehearse, memorize your lines and body movements and dress for the part you want.

A tried and true method of understanding body language and voice, going over your elevator pitch in your mirror is the rehearsal you need, paying close attention to your eye contact, body language, tone of voice and amount of pauses between sentences. Keep practicing until everything feels natural.

Take a Free Webinar to Hone your Skills and Some Outside Perspective:

Understanding what experts might use as tactics for building confidence might provide insight and encourage you to do the same.

Source: Careerxchange