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Auxiliary Chemist at TAQA Global

Full Time
JOB SUMMARY: Posted: Posted 3 months ago. Deadline: 16/01/2018. Salary: - GHS. Location: Takoradi.

Job Description

  • Job Title: Auxiliary Chemist
  • Business: TGIOC
  • Department: Operations
  • Location: Ghana
Reporting Relationships
  • Directly Reports to: Chief  Chemist
  • Directly Supervises: N/A
 Job Purpose (summary of outputs of the job)
  • Responsible for performing analysis of water samples from Power plant and checking the chemical dosing systems such that the chemical regime is maintained in accordance with the plant manufacturer’s recommendation and as directed by the Plant Chemist.
  • Operate the water treatment plant and ensure that water is always available for Power production.
Key Activities
  1. 1. Monitoring the operation of demineralization plant including the regeneration of mixed bed towers, to assure consistent supply of makeup water of specified quality.
  2. 2. Reporting to the Maintenance department by means of work request regarding any equipment failure or malfunctioning and keeping track until normalcy is restored.
  3. 3. Collecting and analyzing the samples of Condensate, Feed water, Boiler drum water and Steam samples from the HRSGs and taking relevant action to ensure the values are within the prescribed limits.
  4. 4. Ensuring the boiler water treatment chemicals are properly fed so as to obtain the required chemical concentration in the respective system and to maintain the chemical regime as recommended.
  5. 5. Preparing the chemical solutions for HRSGs adopting the standard procedure and safe practice.
  6. 6. Collecting and analyzing the RO makeup seawater, RO outlet water samples from the desalination plant as per the schedule as well as during abnormal conditions and monitoring the quality of the water. Ensures that chemicals are fed according to the requirement.
  7. 7. Operation of the water treatment plant and ensure that water is always available for combined cycle operation.
  8. 8. Analyzing the seawater sample to check for residual Chlorine and maintains the residual Chlorine concentration as recommended ensuring the prevention of marine growth in the seawater RO system.
  9. 9. Checking the Chlorine output of the Electrochlorinators and performing the acid cleaning periodically as scheduled.
  10. 10. Checking the performance of SWRO’s and BWRO’s and if performance deteriorate, Clean In Place (CIP) should be carried out.
  11. 11. Monitoring the quality of the Product water at the water treatment plant as well as the water storage tanks to meet the water quality requirement. Advises the Operation department any change in the injection rate of chemicals.
  12. 12. Monitoring the quality of Closed Circuit Cooling Water by analyzing the samples and dosing the chemicals as required.
  13. 13. To analyze waste water samples from various sources for the respective parameters as scheduled.
  14. 14. Communicating with the Shift Charge Engineer and other operating personnel regarding any changes in the chemical regime and chemical dosing requirement
  15. 15. Making frequent visual inspections to the chemical dosing equipment at various locations to check for any abnormal conditions and communicating with the Maintenance department by means of work request to get the problems redressed.
  16. 16. To upkeep the laboratory equipment including periodic calibrations and maintains a Good Laboratory Practice taking necessary instructions and guidance from the Chief Plant Chemist.
  17. 17. Maintaining good housekeeping in the laboratory.
  18. 18. To adopt safe work practice and adhering strictly to the Safety Policy of the Company.
  19. 19. Maintaining the Log books/ sheets properly and chronologically.
  20. 20. Comply with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  21. 21. To train the new Chemists as required.
  22. 22. Understanding of combustion chemistry including excess air, mass and heat balance, and theoretical performance.
  23. 23. Understanding of wastewater chemistry and effluent environmental impacts.
  24. 24. Ensure safe disposal of liquid, gaseous, solid and hazardous wastes via sound environmental practices to minimize impacts on environment.
  25. 25. Carry out Environmental Impact Assessments to identify significant aspects and set out environmental objectives and targets.
  26. 26. Monitor all environmental parameters for Noise and Ambient Air Quality.
  27. 27. Undertake regular walk-throughs across the plant and advise the mitigating measures for any activities impacting the environment.
  28. 28. Carry out oil analysis on the Units and report if there are any anomalies to you supervisor.
  29. 29. Responsible for Hazardous chemicals inventory in coordination with HSSE Manager.
  30. 30. To perform additional duties as and when required.
  31. 31. Discharge of all assigned duties to meet deadlines and targets
  32. 32. Any other duties that may be assigned by superior.

Required Skills or Experience

Qualifications (Professional, Technical, Academic)
Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering.
Experience / Skills / Knowledge 
  • Three (3) years of thermal generation plant experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to analyse a problem and pursue it to a successful conclusion.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Team player with the ability to take direction, responsibility and lead others.
  • Champions safety in all aspects of their work
  • Exemplify integrity – work effectively with peers and teams in a variety of contexts and situations
  • Pursues and expects excellence
  • Identifies and recommends process improvements in own working environment
  • Is an effective communicator
  • Explores and supports new approaches to add value
  • Support colleagues in implementing changes
  • Aligns own working practices to changed processes and points-out opportunities and risks
  • Face up to change structures and is ready to learn and change
  • Builds up formal and informal relationships
  • Exchanges ideas and both actively seeks and is open to constructive feedback
  • Assume responsibility and  is a role model for peers
Contact Group Internal / External Purpose
Plant Chemist Internal Reporting, Sharing Information, Supporting, Liaising
TGICO O&M Team/Other Staff Internal Informing, Liaising
Regulators and Government External Informing, Reporting

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