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Communications Specialist at IFDC

Full Time
JOB SUMMARY: Posted: Posted 3 months ago. Deadline: 22/01/2018. Salary: - GHS. Location: Tamale.

Company Profile

IFDC is a nonprofit, science-based organization working to alleviate global hunger and poverty by improving sustainable agricultural productivity. The organization was established in 1974 in response to the twin crises of food insecurity and rising energy prices. IFDC is governed by an international board of directors and supported by bilateral and multilateral aid agencies, private enterprises and foundations and Headquartered in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA.

IFDC enables smallholder farmers in developing countries to increase agricultural productivity, generate economic growth, and practice environmental stewardship by enhancing their ability to manage mineral and organic fertilizers responsibly and participate profitably in input and output markets.

Job Description

Agriculture Technology Transfer (ATT) Project

Project Background

The Feed the Future USAID Agriculture Technology Transfer Project (FTF-USAID ATT) is a five-year activity funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Ghana Mission (USAID/Ghana), to increase the competitiveness of rice, maize and soya value chains to foster broad-based and sustained economic growth through the increased availability of agricultural technologies for increased and sustained productivity in Northern Ghana. The project focuses on the Ghana’s Feed the Future (FTF) intervention zone, which covers the three regions of northern Ghana: Northern, Upper West and Upper East— addressing technology constraints in the production of rice, maize and soy.

Specifically, the project focuses on improving the rice, soybean and maize value chains by strengthening the seed industry and complementary agricultural practices via the promotion of integrated soil fertility management (ISFM) practices. This is achieved in collaboration with government research and regulatory institutions, and the private sector, by developing public institutions’ and private businesses’ capacities to introduce new technologies and supply agricultural inputs in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Demand for and adoption of new technologies will be heightened through information dissemination, training, and other collaborative efforts.  By encouraging the introduction and adoption of sustainable technologies, the Agriculture Technology Transfer project looks to increase productivity and profit margins for agricultural producers throughout Northern Ghana.

Successful technology adoption requires stakeholders to approach agriculture as a business, increasing revenues while decreasing expenditures (especially labor costs).  These technologies are strengthening Ghana’s productivity in the agricultural sector and need to be effectively and efficiently introduced to create a sustainable private-sector supply while also creating a demand for these new technologies via information dissemination, trainings, and other collaborations.

Position Background and General Summary

The Communications Specialist has the responsibility for developing and implementing a communications and outreach strategy that will help communicate project activities and achievements to USAID and other project stakeholders in Ghana.

In addition the Communication Specialist will support the communication plan and activities of  SARI Communication Specialist

Specific Duties

Specifically, the Communications Specialist will:

  • Develop a communications and outreach strategy aligned with IFDC’s overall communications strategy and approach. This includes a clear identification of key audiences, key messages to communicate and how the project will use different channels (videos, training programs, radio messages, etc.) to best reach those audiences.
  • Propose guidelines on the project’s working relationships with media (payment or not of the press, development and approval process for press releases, dissemination of press releases with media networks, etc.). Develop and ensure good working relationships with key media in the region.
  • Develop appropriate templates of standard tools for outreach and communications, including case studies, regular project briefs, standard presentations and others.
  • Develop and disseminate communications materials. These may include, but are not limited to:
    • Success stories
    • Newsletters and project-briefs
    • Fact sheets on technical achievements and lessons learned
    • Videos
    • Project brochures
    • Press releases
    • Regularly updated project website with appropriate content
  • Oversee maintenance of an email contact list (including media, client, partners, etc.) for the wide distribution and outreach of newsletters and other project materials.
  • Conduct interviews with project beneficiaries and field partners to gather information used in communications materials.
  • Oversee planning, scheduling, logistics and execution of sometimes complex communications events, such as conferences, speeches, briefings, etc.
  • Coordinate the tracking and cataloguing of media coverage of the project.
  • Assist the project leader and IFDC’s senior management in communicating project achievements to the media, field partners and the donor.
  • Upon request, edit the work of colleagues to professional written communication standards.
  • Train project staff in branding and marking requirements according to USAID requirements, and check compliance of all project documents with these requirements.
  • Build capacities of project staff (with support from a consultant if needed) in basics of photography, to improve the contribution of field staff in collecting illustrative pictures, and in writing skills, to improve reporting.
  • Recommend procedures for the Communications Specialist to work with the technical staff in order to obtain the inputs needed to develop effective communications and outreach outputs. These procedures should include proposals on sharing pictures and other bulky documents relevant to communications.
  • In liaison with IFDC’s division communication specialist and headquarters chief of communication, develop relevant materials for IFDC’s website and outreach documents.
  • Develop synergies with other IFDC projects/initiatives to highlight IFDC’s holistic approach to food security and agricultural development.

Required Skills or Experience

  • The successful applicant will have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in in working with international donor-funded projects / programs.
  • Experienced with USAID communication rules and regulations.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and write technical reports in English.
  • Educational background in communication or other related areas

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