“Why Should I Hire You?” The Best Answers to a Tough Question

More often than not, most candidates get thrown this little gem in an interview

The all-too popular “why should we hire you?” and – it’s for good reason. This question happens to throw off even some of the best candidates out there because it forces us to be self-observant and examine our greatest qualities, and at times, our faults (something not everyone is great at). That’s why preparation is ALWAYS  key – or, at least we like to think so. So, how can you tackle this curveball in a concise, professional and unique way? We’ll show you how.


This question essentially requires a sales/elevator pitch of an answer. You’ll have to sell yourself to your prospective employer and understand that they have a problem you’d be a solution for.

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Take a look, (in detail), at the job description. It is essential that you fully understand what the position requires and how that aligns with your individual skill set and expertise.


Your unique abilities and what makes you stand out from possible (and likely) competition. Sure, you’ll get the job done – but how? What will your overall demeanor be when tackling a task? How will you manage a team efficiently and effectively? So unique, very smart, much skills etc.


Keep it short and sweet. This response shouldn’t have a lengthy beginning, middle and end, but rather, it should focus on why you feel – based on previous, demonstrable success, you’d provide the best solution to the assignment at hand.

Ex. “Based on my prior experience and familiarity with this industry, I feel I’d be a valuable addition to your team and would  welcome the challenges at hand because I know I have skills required to face them.”

Think of interviewing as an audition…

You’ll have to prepare well enough to know “your lines”, and in this case, know who you are, what you want, and what you can bring to the table. You’ll also have to take note of what your potential hiring manager and company represent…(your director). Ultimately, that’s how you’ll get the part.

Be prepared. Be in control. And, most importantly, know the business.


Ever – say you should be hired “because you need a job”.  Seriously?   Just don’t.

Source: Careerxchange

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