Top 3 Things You Can While I’m Unemployed

Making the Best of a Tough Situation:

Unemployment is a turbulent, and often, weary time of uncertainty and wasted efforts.

I can speak from personal experience that being unemployed almost feels like a full-time job – applying to 30-40 positions online daily, pursuing leads, scheduling coffee dates and sprucing up your resume for the 10th time over. (My point is, it’s not the greatest time in a person’s life).

There is a difference however in how to approach this period. You can use the “wait and see” method, sure… Or you can be proactive and increase the chances of finding your next path sooner than you think.

How? Here are some tips to get you started:

 Make connections:

  • You probably have your resume ready to go, your elevator pitch down and now you just need to get out there… and you’re drawing a blank.
    • Start by reaching out to family, friends and professional contacts to connect you with others. There’s a higher chance of getting your resume directly in a hiring manager/recruiter’s hands if someone already within the company hands it to them.
  • Take up multi-level marketing opportunity such as Norland Ghana or Max International. You will be able to make a lot of connections and also be able to make some needed cash!

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 Follow up:

  • Don’t just blindly submit that online application…you might as well toss it in the trash.
    • Make it a point to reach out to an employer or point of contact within the organization to make your presence known.
  • After an interview, thank you notes are a must

 Reach out to a Staffing Firm:

  • There’s nothing better than having an employer see you put your expertise to work. If they have an opportunity to see what you are capable of, there’s a much higher chance of you being hired by that company or at least being recommended for a quality position elsewhere.
    • Firms also give you an opportunity to facilitate the entire “job-seeking” process being the gatekeeper to employers that are looking for valuable talent.

Source: Careerxchange