How can I get more job offers?

Q. How can I get more job offers?

A. To get more job offers, you need to go on more job interviews* wink *

If you’re consistently going on second- and third-round job interviews but not getting job offers, it might have something to do with what you’re saying (or not saying) during the interview.

Now, if this happens once or twice, it could be a fluke. Fact is, you never know what’s going on internally at the company; maybe they’re promoting someone from within, or choosing another candidate because they work for a competitor or they have a specific skill set, etc. Or the employer may suddenly close the position because budgets were suddenly slashed.

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In other instances—and especially if you keep getting positive feedback until the job offer stage—it’s probably something you’re doing (or not doing). Are you expressing passion, enthusiasm, and interest in the role? Do you convey that you plan on staying awhile and don’t want to briefly work there only to leave soon thereafter? Are you nice to everyone (and I do mean everyone, starting and ending with the receptionist)? Are you badmouthing your current or former employers?

By tweaking certain things during the interview process, you should be able to yield more positive results. While it may feel frustrating that things are out of your control, focus on what is in your control—leaving a lasting positive impression with every interaction. Keep going!

Source: Monster