Benefits of Submitting Your Resume Online

Looking to have your resume fall into the hands of recruiters? The more career websites and staffing sites you submit your resume to, the easier it will be when it comes to securing job offers. A simple way to have your online information working for you is by submitting your resume for job postings online.  Employers and staffing companies utilize portals which store your resume and contact information in one location for them to access later. Have you ever considered setting up a profile? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits to establishing a profile on a staffing website or employer’s career portal.

Cost effective: Let your profile go the extra mile for you. What is more cost-effective than a free profile? If you can spare the time it takes to set one up, you will reap the benefits of this free service.

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Exposure: Widen your reach with profiles. Every time you apply to a job on an employer’s career page for the first time, you end up setting up a job profile with that company. Staffing companies like JobHouse have areas where you can upload your resume. The same goes for many websites, so look into leaving your resume on as many websites as you can (and feel comfortable doing so) to increase your odds of getting noticed. Remember to always make use of these tools, because someone else will and they might end up beating you to that job because they’re already registered.

Make use of keywords: Beef up your profile and resume with keywords that relate to the skills identified in the role you’re applying for. Many recruiters search for keywords in their databases, so make sure to research into the keywords that stand out on resumes in order to get you noticed. If employers are looking for a certain skill, make sure to list it on your cover letter or resume. Take the time to properly build your resume so that you can use it to its full potential.

Source: Adecco