Hyundai Eon for Uber: Price Reduced to GHC39,600


Just a few months ago, the Eon was selling at 10,000 USD. It’s now reduced to only GHC39,600.

The Hyundai Eon is among the most suitable cars for Uber in Ghana. The 0.8 CC is an added advantage for increasingly smaller margins from Uber business lately. Overall, the Eon is still better than other brand new options. But the pricey tag of 10,000 USD at the height of high demand became a drawback. Luckily, the dealers for Eon in Ghana have slashed the price to only GHC39,600.

We at JobHouse don’t want to be bearers of only bad news. We are sharing this good news with you. We acknowledge the Uber business is no more lucrative like before. Nevertheless, the GHC 39,600 new price is changes the whole mix. Please check out the advert we screenshot from their Facebook Post.

We reached out to a sales rep at Hyundai to confirm whether this offer is still valid. It’s positive!

You can contact the rep Erika on 024 653 4854 (Mon to Fri only).

Disclaimer: JobHouse is not entitled to any commission from sale of the Eon.